“Smart House” system
Full automation of your home
“Smart House” system
  • Lighting

    Control of lights groups is possible with electronic modules, as well as with mechanical keys. Electronic modules are available in different versions: LCD displays, sensor or quasi-sensor units. Each button can switch on, switch off and dim one or more groups of lights. Lighting controls can be equipped with to movement sensors, time relays, sensors of street lighting level.

    In the case of RGB backlighting it is possible to control the color and brightness. On customer’s request, different lighting scenarios can be programmed: “coming in and leaving home”, “watching tv”, “party”, etc.) Control of scenarios is possible by using the electronic modules, tablet PCs or by time settings.

  • Electric actuators

    Electric actuators can control curtains, rolls, awnings, windows, garage doors, gates. Besides comfort, the system allows you to create a variety of usage scenarios, such as closing the curtains and rolls when leaving the house and vice versa, automatic closing gates and doors at bedtime.

    Skylights will be automatically closed when raining or strong wind blowing. Automatic lawn watering system can be connected to precipitation detectors and temperature sensors to prevent excessive soil moisture.

  • Saunas, hammams

    Management and control of warm floors and heated benches in the sauna, hammam, dry or wet steam mode, lights and background music. Emergency automatic shutdown of the sauna or hammam at overheating. Remote monitoring of temperature and humidity.

    Switch on and select the desired temperature in the hammam or the sauna is very convenient and simple: it is sufficient to activate the desired scenario on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Video projection

    A full-rate home theater requires a visible or hidden video projector and screen. For the installation of the hidden option the lifts for built-in projector and motorized inbuilt screens are used, allowing to hide the currently unused equipment.

    The size of the screen and the projector are chosen individually, based on the size of the room and requirements of the customer. A wide range of various sets is available.

  • Pools

    For a sense of comfort a set schedule of temperature and humidity is maintained in the pool’s room. Also a full control of the water temperature, pumps and rolling cover operations is carried out.

  • Video surveillance

    In CCTV systems we use ip-cameras that provide excellent image quality and ease of operation, which allows you to keep under control the situation in the building and the adjacent territory. The Motion Recording Function allows you to restore the earlier occurred events.

    Convenient control and monitoring on your Tablet PC from any place in the world.

  • Brackets

    Motorized brackets can hide unused TV in ceiling, wall or furniture. When you turn on the TV, it will take the right vertical or horizontal position itself. Besides, the motorized brackets allow remotely to change the viewing angle or move the TV along the walls of the room.

    Motorized Tablet Dock Stations allow you to block unauthorized removal of the tablet by the pin code or fingerprint, which is useful in public places.

  • Multi-room audio

    It allows to create a multizone independent audio system. Management and control is carried out by means of a tablet or smartphone. It is also possible to merge several audio zones, connect various music services, and play music outdoors in the territory of your house with the help of all-weather acoustics.

    Audio system by “Sonos” allows you to enjoy up to 100 thousand radio stations from around the world and play media files from your home network drive or directly from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Energy security

    Should there be a problem with the electricity supply from your power supplier, the Energy Security system would immediately notify the owner of the house and make the transition to a backup power from a diesel generator. Uninterruptible power supplies allow the “Smart House” system make this transition correctly. When power is restored, the power supply system will return to normal operation, and the “Smart House” system will notify the owner of the house about it.

    The Energy Security system also monitors the status, fuel level and possible malfunction of diesel generator.

  • Doorphone

    IP doorphone system allows video communication with your home visitors even if you are currently away.

  • Climate control

    Management and monitoring of the temperature in the rooms. In automatic mode, the room temperature is maintained according to the set schedule. In manual mode, the owner can adjust the desired temperature level at any time. Additional modes “comfort”, “absence”, “freeze” — provide further opportunities for use. Current and set temperatures can be seen on the display at any time.

    Switching between different modes is possible by pressing keys of the management modules, on a tablet, or by sending SMS messages. Various time settings and usage scenarios are available. Air quality and humidity sensors are connected to the ventilation system.

  • Security

    Control of water leakage and gas leaks will minimize damage in case of pipes and plumbing faults. The sensors will give the command to stop the supply of water or gas into the problem area and notify the owner via SMS message or a sound beep. These systems are installed in bathrooms, kitchens, sanitary rooms and boiler rooms.

    Home alarm and perimeter security systems can be linked with video surveillance and territory lighting systems. They also can control access to the object.

  • Multi-room video

    Different video sources such as satellite receivers, media players, game consoles, video recorders, etc., located in server cabinets provide access to view content on any TV. This allows to place only displays without auxiliary equipment in different rooms of the house.

    Video commutation system is very flexible, allowing in the future easily change for more modern video sources, i.g. support for 4K video.

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Would you like to see, talk,
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+371 268 268 78, +371 673 137 10

Working hours: M-F 10:00–19:00 (S-S closed)

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